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While Event references provide context-sensitive value references to the current event, you will sometimes need to access more specific information relating to the current state – attribute references allow you to do this.

For example, in a multi-review state, you might want to access information about each of the reviews, or a specific review, not just the most recently updated review. A similar situation might arise for tasks, where you might want information about more than one task in an event that relates to a single task (or an event that does not relate to tasks at all).

Approval (content review) attributes

You can access attributes from any Content review associated with the current workflow state by using a value reference in the form:

@ApprovalName > AttributeName@

For example, if you wanted the comment of the last approver of the "Technical" content review, you would use:

@Technical > approvalcomment@

Attribute NameTypeEventNotes
approvalassigneesList of Usernameall eventsA comma-separated list of users who have been assigned to the content review




The username for the user that was assigned or unassigned in the related event

or user
or approver
or approvers

List of Usernameall events
A comma-separated list of users who Approved the content review
or rejectors
List of Usernameall events
A comma-separated list of users who Rejected the content review
pendingusersList of Usernameall events
A comma-separated list of users who are assigned to the content review, but haven't yet Approved or Rejected it
approvalcommentTextall events
The note associated with the most recent Approval of the content review

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