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In content reviews you will sometimes be able to assign, reassign and unassign reviewers.

How do I know if I can assign reviewers?

Look for the + Add reviewer button next to the Approve and Reject buttons:

Assigning reviewers

Click the + Add Reviewer button on the Workflow Popup – you will be presented with a search screen like the one shown below:



Comala Workflows will suggest assignees that are specified in the user, group, selectedapprover or selectedapprovers parameter on the {approval} macro. If these parameters are not specified, recent contributors to the page will be suggested.


You can search by full name, username, or email address.

Note: You'll usually need to type two or more characters before results will appear.


When you've found who you're looking for, click the grey "plus" button on the right to assign them to the review.

Click this button to assign a reviewer

This indicates they are assigned

If you need to leave a note for reviewers, click the Add note link and enter your note. They'll see it in notifications and emails.

Saving changes

To save the assignments, click the blue Assign button – you'll see the assignees on the Workflow Popup:

Unassigning and reassigning reviewers

To reassign or unassign reviewers, return to the assignment search screen by clicking the small "plus" button next to the list of the assignees (see previous screenshot).


Hover over the green "check" button and it will turn in to a red "minus" button. Click it.

Hover over this, until it turns red...

Click to un-assign the reviewer

This indicates they are no longer assigned


On the same screen, you can add new reviewers too – see Assigning Reviewers section above for details.

Saving changes

You can add a note if desired, then click the blue Reassign or Unassign button to store the changes.

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