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Comala Workflows 6.3.1 is a bug fix release

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug with the display of attachment versions on the approved view of pages. 
  • Fixes an issue with the Approval value references to prevent values from an approval in the previous iteration of that current state being shown when there is no data in the current state. 
  • Fixes an issue where the Workflows Report shows a 500 error when adding/removing columns. 
  • Fixes an issue where a mix of assigned and unassigned Approvals were not considered towards the minimum number of approvers required for the state. 
  • Fixes an issue where if users and groups were assigned to an Approval, only the group was taken into account. 
  • Fixes a problem moving pages with existing workflow data to a new space that prevented a new workflow from being applied.
  • Fix for an IE 11 compatibility issue.