This documentation relates to the 5.2 release of Comala Workflows

 Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows is available too.

Screen Location: Confluence Administration → Workflows section → Workflows


This screen allows Confluence Admins to manage global workflows.

Workflow table

The workflow table lists all of the global workflows. Green rows are enabled, red rows are disabled.

If a workflow is labelled (see label parameter on {workflow} macro), the LABEL NAME will be shown after the workflow title.

The Linked column provides details of how many spaces are using the workflow. Clicking the links will toggle a list of the associated spaces.

The Space Categories column allows you to link a workflow to one or more space categories. When spaces with the linked categories are created, the workflow will automatically be applied in Space Mode for that space.

The Actions column provides options for interacting with the workflow itself:

  • View– displays an interactive flowchart of the workflow, similar to that shown on the Workflow inspector
  • Edit – edit the workflow; opens an editor window showing the workflow markup, similar to that on the Workflow inspector
  • Deactivate – deactivates the workflow; it will remain in the list, but won't be available to spaces
  • Copy – makes a new, deactivated copy of the workflow.
  • Remove – deletes the global workflow, also deleting it from any Linked spaces.

The Create Workflow button allows you to create a completely new workflow from scratch.

Note: A flowchart of the workflow hierarchy can be found on the main page of the Administration Guides.

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