This documentation relates to the 5.2 release of Comala Workflows

 Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows is available too.


The Workflow Inspector can be used to examine various aspects of a workflow.

Accessing the inspector

The inspector can be accessed in three ways, depending on where the workflow is stored:

States tab

The States tab shows a flowchart depicting the workflow States and the Transitions between them.

  • You can click the  buttons to zoom in and out
  • You can click and drag the flowchart to move it around in the window
  • You can click a state (boxes on the flowchart) to display additional information about the state

When a state is selected, the following information will be displayed in the sidebar (as applicable to the state):

  • Parameters – details of any notable parameters, such as taskable or hidefrompath– see: {state} macro
  • Approvals – the names of any content reviews defined by {approval} macros. For further detail see: Reviews
  • Transitions – the transitions from the selected state to other states. For further detail see: Transitions

In Page Mode, if you accessed the workflow inspector via Page Tools → Edit Workflow..., several buttons will appear below the flowchart:

  • Edit – Displays the Markup tab
  • Save as template – This option saves the template to Page Workflows.
  • Delete – Deletes the workflow from the page or blog post, optionally deleting the activity report too. 

Triggers tab

The Triggers tab only appears if you have one or more Triggers defined in your workflow.

Note: In Page Mode, if you just added your trigger in the Markup tab, you'll have to refresh the page for the Triggers tab to become available.

Markup tab

The Markup tab shows the macro markup for your workflow template.

The markup is editable.

After editing, choose Save – this will overwrite the existing workfow with the changes you have made.

Note that you can only save a change to the name of the workflow from this markup when saving this as a template, entering the new  name in the template properties when saving. The workflow on the page will not change it's title. You would need to delete the existing workflow and add the newly saved template for this to change. 

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