This documentation relates to the 5.2 release of Comala Workflows

 Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows is available too.


The Workflow Supplier provides workflow information to third-party apps, such as the Reporting for Confluence app, using the Confluence Supplier Library.


For examples, see: ServiceRocket Reporting for Confluence app



Workflow Supplier


workflow (optional)

Supported Content

Confluence Pages, News (blog posts), States, Tasks and Approvals

Supported keys


Content Types

Return Type



Pages and News items


Current workflow state of the page or blog post.

states > all

Pages and News items

List of State

A list of all states the content (page or blog post) has been transitioned through.

List order: Oldest → Newest (the last object in the list is the current workflow state).

states > StateName

Pages and News items

List of specified State

A list of all the state objects of the specified StateName which have occurred for the current content (page or blog post).

List order: Oldest → Newest.


Pages and News items

List of approved Approval

A list of all approved content reviews for the current state of the workflow.

You can get a list of all approvals via a State object.


Pages and News items

List of active Task

A list of all tasks for the current state of the workflow, filtered to those that are not yet complete.

You can get access to all tasks and completed tasks via a State object.

metadata > ValueName

Pages and News items


Retrieve a value set by the {set-metadata} macro or Metadata Plugin.

For more information, see Metadata references.

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