This documentation relates to the 5.2 release of Comala Workflows

 Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows is available too.

Comala Workflows 5.2


Comala Workflows 5.2 is a feature update release.

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What's New

Workflow Messages view and role specific

The messages displayed using the set-message macro can be now be specific to the page view and users/groups.

  • Use the new group parameter to specify a message to be displayed to a group of users.
  • Use the new view parameter to control if a message should be visible on the published (public) or normal view of a page.

 Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing the confluence page gadget rendering correctly when a workflow is active on a page.
  • UX/UI updates including:
    • Improved the error handling display when there is a problem with the maximum number of assignable users.
    • The progress bar is now always visible in the workflow dialog.
    • Now it is possible to perform actions in the status dialog (if any available) of the published view.
    • Style updates on the page activity filter buttons to match the new look in Confluence 6.7


Comala Workflows 5.1.1


Comala Workflows 5.1.1 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

Comala Workflows 5.1.0


Comala Workflows 5.1 is a feature update release.

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What's New

Customizable State Colours

States can now be given their own custom colours. Using the Workflows Mark-up Editor you can set the color of your states to be nearly any shade, provided it is available as a hexadecimal value.

See the colour parameter on the state macro for more information on this new feature.

Approval Action Labels

Approvals can now be given custom action labels. Replace the standard "Approve/Reject" with custom labels such as "Agree/Disagree", "Yes/No" or any combination that fits your workflow's needs.

Refer to the approval macro and the new approvelabel and rejectlabel parameters for use in your workflow markup, they allow you to change the default labels. At this time the labels are only applied in the user interface; when you view the workflow activity reports the default action names will still be applied.

 Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed a error when using the admin override state selection option in some situations.
  • We've updated the way we validate the people who can be assigned to an approval, so it is now case insensitive when checking the user name.
  • The page update reset approval setting was not saving correctly when applied on a space by space basis, this has been fixed.
  • Globally linked workflows will now respect the condition to only be active on blog posts.
  • A bug with the set-message macro (introduced in the 5.0.5 release) that prevented the message being shown on the approved version of a page has been fixed.
  • Various minor UI tweaks and updates as we continue to get feedback about the new look first launched in the 5.0 release.  We've also tweaked the design of the filters on the page activity report.  There is a minor known issue here with layout of the activity filter buttons due to the UI changes in Confluence 6.7.  We'll have a fix for that in the near future.

Developer and Integrator Updates

We have a few changes for people integrating with Comala Workflows in this release.

Java API Changes

As part of this feature release we are changing the way we package and release the Java API library. 

  • The API library will now be released each time we release a new version of the Workflows App.  This will allow external developers to know exactly which version of the API library they should be targeting for compatibility with different releases.  (Don't worry we still plan to keep the same deprecation timelines and package naming so earlier versions should continue to work as they do now.)
  • Maven dependency name change, adhocapi now becomes workflows-api so the API finally catches up with the rename of the core product.
  • We've deprecated a few methods in the API library related to searching for content.  Some of these are old and don't work quite correctly right now anyways.  Moving forward our plan is to provide as much functionality as possible via the CQL interfaces so how you interact with Workflows is the same as other searching for other Confluence content

Our getting started page has been updated with the new maven settings if you want to jump straight to the new version.

New CQL Fields

We have added new CQL search fields to find content that has workflow tasks assigned to a specific user.  Also a new has workflow field to help find content that has any workflow applied, not restricted to search for a specific state name.


Comala Workflows 5.0.8


Comala Workflows 5.0.8 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixes an error when retrieving the workflow name in certain pages.

Comala Workflows 5.0.7


Comala Workflows 5.0.7 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem where some actions were not available if the state was final.
  • Fixed an issue where the Workflows dialog was not rendered completely if the number of reviewers was over 250.

Comala Workflows 5.0.6


Comala Workflows 5.0.6 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem with the workflow-report macro, in approvals mode, not working correctly for globally linked workflows.
  • Fixed an issue when assigning multiple approvers.
  • Fixed an issue where pages with a label were not using the workflow assigned to that label.
  • Fixed an issue where approvals with fixed approvers showed incorrect approvers in the detail view.
  • Fixed an issue when sending email to users without email configured.
  • Fixed an issue when mentioning users with names including dots.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed blank state names in admin mode.
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Japanese translations updated. We are extremely grateful to Tsuyoshi Ito (freelance translator).

Comala Workflows 5.0.5


Comala Workflows 5.0.5 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Improve the notification for invalid license conditions in the updated page UI
  • Fixed an issue with approval assignment searching for users.
  • Fixed a problem causing logging errors when Confluence in-app notifications are disabled.
  • Resolved a race condition issue that could cause the incorrect user to be recorded taking action for Workflows automated events like page expiry.
  • Fix for some requests from the Workflows UI that were setting an invalid header causing an issue with some firewall configurations.
  • Description parameter in the state macro is now displayed correctly within the page UI.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Translations updated. We are extremely grateful to the following people (we love you guys!):
    • French. Thanks Michael Regelin (Etat de Genève (DCTI)).
    • Dutch. Thanks Patrick Vanhoof (Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Antwerpen | Port of Antwerp).

Comala Workflows 5.0.4


Comala Workflows 5.0.4 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem related to the length of Audit Log messages.
  • Fixed a problem regarding the hidefrompath parameter not working as expected.
  • Minor UI improvements.

Comala Workflows 5.0.3


Comala Workflows 5.0.3 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem where the list of approvers in selectapprover macro was not filtering users correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where 'list' workflow parameters were not setting the default value properly.
  • Minor UI improvements including some German localisation updates and improved messaging for expired trial licenses.

Comala Workflows 5.0.2


Comala Workflows 5.0.2 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Updates to work correctly with the 3.0.x versions of the Communardo Metadata App
  • Fix an issue with new user interface allowing user unassignment for required approvers.
  • German localisation fixes

Comala Workflows 5.0.1


Comala Workflows 5.0.1 is a bug fix and improvement release.

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Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed some minor internationalization issues.
  • Multiple UI fixes and improvements.

Comala Workflows 5.0


Comala Workflows 5.0 is a feature update release, introducing a new user interface and REST API.

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What's New

Redesigned Page User Interface

Comala Workflows 5.0 features a new interface for managing states, approvals and tasks on Confluence pages.


First released in v4.18 as a dark feature, version 5.0 makes the new UI standard for all users. The new UI is built to be:

  • Intuitive, and aligned to Atlassian’s latest design principles.
  • More accessible and easier to use.
  • Smarter, and with a better UX.

We thank all the users that provided their feedback during the beta period. Of course we aren't going to stop the improvements there, so if you have feedback about the new user interface please let us know.

Supported REST API

For the first time, Comala Workflows now includes a supported REST API to complement the existing Java API.  This initial release focuses on content level APIs, so you can retrieve the status and interact with the workflows on individual pages.

You can read more about integration options with Comala Workflows on our new Workflow Authoring Guide.

Confluence Minimum Version Update

This release updates our minimum supported Confluence version to 5.8.