This documentation relates to the 5.2 release of Comala Workflows

 Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows is available too.


Use this feature to create a completely new workflow on a page or blog post.

This feature is only available in Page Mode.

Adding the workflow

Choose Page Tools → Add Workflow to display the Add Workflow dialog.

Next, choose Workflow with custom states – it's at the bottom of the scroll-down list:

Defining states

A text box will appear with two default States – In progress, Approved.

Simply enter the states you want, separated by commas, then choose Add to create the workflow.

Editing the workflow

To edit the workflow, choose Page Tools → Edit Workflow.

For help with workflow authoring, see: Workflow Authoring Guide

Default markup

The markup produced is very basic – just the {state} macros for the states you listed. An example is shown below:

{workflow:name=Custom States Workflow}
    {state:In progress|taskable=true}

For more information about macros, see: Macros

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