This documentation relates to the 5.2 release of Comala Workflows

 Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows is available too.


Workflows rely on the following concepts:

  • ActionsActions allow you to automate common tasks
  • ConditionsDefine pre-requisite conditions for transitions and triggers
  • EventsEvents are internal notifications which can be used to trigger action macros
  • Expiry DatesStates, tasks and messages can be set to expire on a certain date or after a certain amount of time
  • LabelsAutomatically apply workflows, automate label management and trigger actions
  • NotificationsKeep content producers informed of workflow progress.
  • PublishingCreate a distinction between draft content and published content, and optionally deploy published content to a different location.
  • Reviews
  • Roles and PermissionsHow Confluence roles and permissions relate to workflows
  • StatesDefine the milestones and key stages in your workflow
  • Tasks
  • Templates
  • TransitionsTransitions create the routes between states
  • TriggersTriggers wait for an event, then perform one or more actions.
  • Value ReferencesValue references are placeholders for values stored elsewhere.

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