This documentation relates to the 4.6 release of Comala Workflows

 Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows is available too.


November 11, 2011

This is a maintenance release with deals with some UX issues and Confluence 4.0 compatibility issues.


Install through the plugin repository or manually.

Confluence 4.0

If you have installed a beta version of 3.2, you will need to restart the server after installing the latest version


If you are using version 3.1 or older of the plugin, see the Upgrade instructions.

What's new?

  • Workflows Charts are now properly display in Confluence 4.0 (Note that Graphviz is still not officially supported in 4.0)
  • Theme Builder is now supported See the updated Theme Builder configuration
  • Predefined tasks can now be assigned to the current user
  • Default published view allows again to view the current/latest version
  • Created the {renderwithlatest} macro to deal with broken macros who cannot be rendered in old versions of pages (e.g. CONF-23772).


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