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The set-message macro is used to set messages the top of the page, below the page title block-level element (messages are wrapped by div tags) . Messages can be associated to the page or to a specific user, with the actual content of the message defined in the body of the macro. This macro can only be used within a {trigger} macro.


Value References are allowed in the body of the message.










Sets the name of the user who can view the message. If no name is specified, then the message is visible to all users. (3)

groupNoSets the name of the group of users that can view the message. If no group is specified, then the message is visible to all users. (3)




The style of the message that defines the background. Values can be:

  • error
  • warning
  • success
  • info



Note (1)

Defines for how long the message is displayed. Duration of time before state expires following the ISO 8601 standard for duration. For more settings, please see the Duedate.


Defines in which view of a page will the message be displayed into. Accepted values are:

  • draft: the message will be shown only in the draft view of the page
  • published: the message will be shown only in the published view of the page (including "/public" in the URL)
  • both: the message will be shown in both draft and published views

A message for draft view, another for both views and one for published view can coexist at the same time for the same page (not more than one of each type). (2)

Table Note

  1. For page messages (i.e, no user or group name specified), messages are shown indefinitely. For user and group messages, default setting is to display the message only once per user.
  2. If "view" is used in combination with "user" and/or "group" a message of each type of view can be set for each user (or in the case of groups, each member of the group).
  3. "user" and "group" parameters can be combined, but take into account that there can only be a single message per user.


To set the message "Draft" visible to all users:


To set a one-time message of "Thanks for creating the new page!" visible only to the current user:

{set-message:@user@}Thanks for creating the new page!{set-message}

To set a one-time message of "This page is ready for review!" visible only to user emendator:

{set-message:user=emendator}This page is ready for review!{set-message}
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