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Blueprints with workflows automates approvals, tasks, and notifications for your content.

Your page status automatically moves forward based on the completion of tasks, reviews, and approvals.  

When you apply a workflow to a Blueprint, you can:

  • Automate your reviews, approvals and publishing.
  • Track your pages status with notifications. 
  • Gain advanced reporting to manage your documents.

Integrate workflows with Blueprints to:

What are Blueprints?

Blueprints provide your organization with structure for your Confluence content so you can get started right away. Learn more.

Product Requirements Blueprint

Watch this video to learn more about attaching workflows to Blueprints and using the Product Requirements Blueprint.


Blueprints, like the Product Requirements Blueprint, provide a structure for your content so you can get started in Confluence right away.

You can associate workflows to Blueprints to add approvals, tasks, notifications and workflows functionality to your page and content. By completing designated tasks, reviews, and approvals your page status automatically moves forward. 

Learn how to associate workflows to your Blueprints.

Space Blueprints

Space Blueprints let you create common types of spaces, such as a team, documentation, or knowledge base spaces.

Each Space Blueprint is assigned a unique category. You can attach a workflow to a Space Blueprint using this category. The workflow is then applied to all new spaces with that category.

Learn how to associate workflows to Space Blueprints.


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