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Predefined values, page properties, or metadata can be referred in Conditions, certain macro parameters and within Action Macros. Some of the predefined values are available only on specific events.

Value references must start and end with @ (i.e. @approvalcomment@).

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Predefined references

Value name





The label added



The label removed


labeladded or labelremoved

The label added or removed


pageapproved, pagerejected,
approvalassigned, or approvalunassigned

The name of approval check, either approved or rejected


pageapproved or pagerejected

the user that approved or rejected the page


pageapproved or pagerejected

the comment provided in the approval or rejection

statechanged or any task eventthe duedate of the state or task
commentstatechangedthe comment provided when changing the state



the current user



a link to the current (published) page or blog post



a link to the latest version of a page or blog post (not the version that is currently published).

pagetitleanyThe title of the page. (Since 4.9.4)
versionanyThe Confluence version number for the page.
pageidanythe page id of the current page or blog post



The error message generated while executing an action

anyThe date the event occurred (format defined in the Date Format setting in Confluence admin)
anyThe date and time the event occurred (format defined in the Date Time Format setting in Confluence admin)

Approval attributes references

Named-approval attributes can be accessed in triggers. The reference must be in the form ApprovalName>AttributeName where the attributes name can be:

Attribute name



a comma-separated list of the users that have been selected to approve the document

assigneeuser who is being assigned in pageapprovalassigned or newsapprovalassigned or unassigned in approvalunassigned triggers

approvaluser or user
or approver or approvers

a comma-separated list of the users that approved the document

rejector or rejectors

a comma-separated list of the users that rejected the document

pendingusersa comma-separated list of the assigned users that haven't approved or rejected yet


the comment from the latest approver

Task attributes references

Named task attributes can be accessed in all task triggers, otherwise specified otherwise.

Attribute nameDescription


name of the task


the user who the task is currently assigned to


the user who assigned the task


the user who completed the task, valid for taskcompleted triggers only


the user who created the task


the comment when assigning or completing the task depending on if it is the taskassigned or taskcompleted trigger

Workflow Supplier

You can also access Workflow Supplier data.

Supplier References

Supplier Data can also be used as value references. See examples below.

Access to Supplier Data requires the corresponding plugins to be installed. For example the Reporting add-on.

Attachment attributes references

Attachment attributes can be accessed for actions of triggers attachmentschanged, attachmentadded, attachmentremoved, attachmentupdated:

Attribute name


name or filename

The attachment's file name


The attachment size


the comment on the attachment

Metadata references

The reference can include the space and/or page in the form <Space>:<Page Title>:<Value Name>.
Metadata values are retrieved as if there were referred to using the {metadata-from} macro. This includes the existing Internal Metadata.

Page Properties

Confluence Page Properties can also be used as value references.

Communardo Metadata

Values from the Communardo Metadata for Confluence add-on can be used as value references.  Use the complete metadata key as the value reference token.



In this example, only the user defined in the metadata field Main reviewer (identified by @metadatafield.mainreviewer@), can give the Editor in Chief approval or rejection. The due date is indicated in the metadata field deadline (identified by @metadatafield.deadline@). When the deadline is reached, the state expires and returns to the Ready state.

     {approval:Editor in Chief|final=true|user=@metadatafield.mainreviewer@}

The keys for the different metadata fields are shown in the Metadata configuration area.

Other examples

{set-message:user}You cannot remove the label @labelremoved@{set-message} 
{send-email:@user@|Subject=Your recent @approvalname@ approval} 
Thank you for approving @page@ which was created by @Author@ 


This trigger is fired if the updated page has children (requires the ServiceRocket's Reporting add-on to be installed) :

{trigger:pageupdated|state=Approved|@content:children > size@=!0}
     {set-message}Make sure child pages are reapproved{set-message}


This trigger will set a message, which will display a list defined in a ListData macro from the ServiceRocket's Scaffolding Forms & Templates add-on, with property name=viewersList:

	{set-message}This is message for the following users: @data:viewersList@{set-message}