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The Comala Workflow plugin provides multiple ways to report workflow, tasks and page activities.

Page Activity

The Page Activity report provides a chronological list of all the activity on a page or blog post. It contains:
  • Modifications
  • Comments
  • Tasks creation and completions
  • State changes and assignments

View activity on a page or blog

You may view page activity in one of two ways:

  • Click the activity button on the workflows menu.

  • Go to Tools > Page Activity.

Space Workflow Report

Click Workflow in the Confluence sidebar to view the states of all the pages on each space through the Space Workflows Report.

Space Tasks Report

Click Tasks in the Space tools menu to view the status of all tasks for all the pages on each space through the Tasks report.

Dashboard Report

You can integrate the dashboard report into your theme or any page using the {workflowreport} macro:


{workflowreport} macro

The {workflowreport} macro allows you to create workflow, tasks, dashboard and statistics reports, and you can assign multiple filters, such as states, labels, assignees and other indexed values.

ServiceRocket Reporting Plugin Integration

You can use Reporting for more sophisticated reports. The {workflow-reporter} is an optimized reporter that lets you filter entries by space, states, and other index values.

The Workflow Supplier provides workflow-related information to Reporting.


The following report will show all the pages on state For Review, when the page was last published, the existing labels, and the first task (if any).

{workflow-reporter:spaces=AWP|states=For Review}
{report-column:title=Last published}{report-info:states>Published> last >date > dd/MMM/yyyy}{report-column}
{report-column:title=Last Updated By}{report-info:content:modifier>full name|link=true}{report-column}
{report-column:title=Updated}{report-info:content:modification date > dd/MMM/yyyy}{report-column}

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