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Comala Workflows - Remote Publishing 2.6

February 1st 2016

Remote Publishing 2.6 is a feature update release


Install through the Universal Plugin Manager or download from Atlassian Marketplace and install Remote Publishing by uploading the add-on jar in the Universal Plugin Manager.

Comala Workflows required to be installed

 Comala Workflows - Remote Publising requires the Comala Workflows plugin to be installed to trigger the publishing to remote sites.

Upgrading from prior to 2.6

The 2.6 release will run an upgrade task on existing configuration data to change the remote url location to the new format.  This means that downgrading to an earlier version after installing 2.6 will not be possible without manually adjusting the url configuration to the previous format.

Updates and Bug fixes

  • Published pages now keep the order they have in the source space.    Also fixes a number of page hierarchy related bugs when updating or removing pages from the remote instance.
  • Now Confluence Data Centre compatible
  • Updated and simplified configuration screen.  Now only the remote host is required, not the full path to the api endpoint.
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