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Latest Release Compatibility

Confluence 5.8+5.2 Release Notes
Confluence 5.4+4.18.2 Release Notes

What's new in 5.2

Workflow Messages view and role specific

The messages displayed using the set-message macro can be now be specific to the page view and users/groups.

  • Use the new group parameter to specify a message to be displayed to a group of users.
  • Use the new view parameter to control if a message should be visible on the published (public) or normal view of a page.

What's new in 5.1

Customizable State Colours

States can now be given their own custom colours. Using the Workflows Mark-up Editor you can set the color of your states to be nearly any shade, provided it is available as a hexadecimal value.

See the colour parameter on the state macro for more information on this new feature.

Approval Action Labels

Approvals can now be given custom action labels. Replace the standard "Approve/Reject" with custom labels such as "Agree/Disagree", "Yes/No" or any combination that fits your workflow's needs.

Refer to the approval macro and the new approvelabel and rejectlabel parameters for use in your workflow markup, they allow you to change the default labels. At this time the labels are only applied in the user interface; when you view the workflow activity reports the default action names will still be applied.

What's new in 5.0

Redesigned Page User Interface

Comala Workflows 5.0 features a new interface for managing states, approvals and tasks on Confluence pages.

First released in v4.18 as a dark feature, version 5.0 makes the new UI standard for all users. The new UI is built to be:

  • Intuitive, and aligned to Atlassian’s latest design principles.
  • More accessible and easier to use.
  • Smarter, and with a better UX.

We thank all the users that provided their feedback during the beta period. Of course we aren't going to stop the improvements there, so if you have feedback about the new user interface please let us know.

Supported REST API

For the first time, Comala Workflows now includes a supported REST API to complement the existing Java API.  This initial release focuses on content level APIs, so you can retrieve the status and interact with the workflows on individual pages.

You can read more about integration options with Comala Workflows on our Workflows Developer Guide.

What's new in 4.18

Page Created Trigger Label Conditions

Labels can now be used as a condition for page created triggers. If a page is created with a label from the start you can now trigger workflow actions for that event. A common example of this is pages created from templates that have predefined labels. This update is only supported in Confluence 5.8+.

Value Reference Updates

We know many Confluence users combine Comala Workflows with the Service Rocket Scaffolding App. To improve this integration, Workflow value references can now directly handle collection data from the scaffolding supplier. We've also adjusted the parsing of value references so some more characters are valid, allowing slightly more complex expressions if you are using a ServiceRocket supplier value as your value reference.

The approval macro minimum parameter has also been updated to take a value reference as input, as well as a straight numerical value.

What's new in 4.17


Audit Logging

The 4.17 release includes a significant improvement to the Comala Workflows Audit Logging feature. Now, on any installation using Confluence 5.10 or above, Comala Workflows will use the Confluence Audit Log to store all Workflows' global and space level configuration changes. Please see the documentation page for this feature here.

For installations using Confluence 5.4 to 5.9, the Comala Workflows Audit log feature can be turned on by an administrator from the Workflows Configuration section.

What's new in 4.16

Approval User Exclusion

Workflow editors can now use the new exclude parameter so that specific users cannot be assigned to (or approve) an approval.  The excluded users will still be able to assign the approval to other users. Users can be specified directly or with a value reference.


With this new exclude parameter, you can easily implement a form of the Four Eyes Principle or peer review, where another user other than the page author needs to approve the approval before the page can be published.

{workflow:name=Simple approval workflow with Peer Review}
        The Simple Approval Workflow has 2 states.
        In Progress: Staff edit pages, not visible to non-team members. Approved: Staff approve, visible to public.
    {state:In Progress|approved=Approved|taskable=true}
    {state:Approved|final=true|updated=In Progress|hideselection=true}


Thus, the excluded page author cannot be assigned, like Ryan Lee (i.e., rlee), whose name returns a "No users found" message.

What's new in 4.15

Metadata for Confluence Value Reference Support

The Metadata for Confluence add-on from Communardo is now supported as a value reference supplier. 

The user friendly input can be used to provide metadata values during the page editing process and have these values be available from within your workflow configuration. Learn how to use it in the documentation.

What's new in 4.14

Remember Assigned Approvers

Approvals in the workflow can now be configured to remember who was assigned last time.  So if you have a workflow that revisits an approval state frequently you no longer have to reassign users each time.

See the rememberassignees on the approval macro for more information.


Scroll Versions Integration

The 4.14 release of Comala Workflows will allow custom workflows to be used on spaces being managed with the Scroll Versions plugin.  An extra free integration plugin is also required to be installed along with Comala Workflows and Scroll Versions

What's new in 4.13

Export Pages Improvements

The content you get in the export will now match the page you are viewing, the draft content when viewing the draft page and the approved/published content when viewing the published version.  The state lozenge will also be displayed when exporting the draft or in progress version of a page.


PDF Export

Note both of these changes apply to workflows using the within page publishing mechanism (i.e., a final state defined).

What's new in 4.12

New Approval Fields in the Default Confluence Search

This release adds new fields to for CQL searches on Approvals on Confluence 5.9 and above

  • Workflow Approval Assignee - for users that are assigned to an approval on a page
  • Workflow Approver - for users that have already responded to an approval on a page

You can find the related documentation in Searching in Comala Workflows.

Reporting Add-on Compatibility Update

This release updates the compatibility with the latest version of ServiceRocket's Reporting add-on.  Reporting version 6.0 and above is now required for compatibility with Comala Workflows 4.12.  ServiceRocket simplified the add-ons that Reporting depends on which changed how other add-ons can integrate with Reporting, requiring us to to make changes that don't work with earlier versions of Reporting.  For more information on the changes in Reporting 6.0+, please see the ServiceRocket knowledge base: What's new in Reporting 6.0

As a part of this update, we also made changes to include the workflow-reporter macro within the Comala Workflows add-on.  Using this macro with Reporting no longer requires the Comala Workflows - Reporting Integration add-on.  For clients that were previously using the workflow-reporter macro, you will need uninstall the Comala Workflows - Reporting Integration add-on before updating to this version of Comala Workflows.

This change also means that if you are using Scaffolding fields for value references in your workflows, Scaffolding version 8.0 and above is required for compatibility with Comala Workflows 4.12.




What's new in 4.11

New Workflows Visualisation

Get an idea of a workflows states and approvers quickly using the new workflows visualisation feature for Space and Global workflows; Navigate the workflow and check the workflows description, associated transitions, required approvals and their assignees, or any corresponding parameters.


More Workflow Fields in the Default Confluence Search

This release makes two new fields available for CQL searches when Comala Workflows is installed on Confluence 5.9 and above.

  • State Expiry - for states that have an expiry date in the future, filter you search by states expiring this week for example
  • State Changed Date - filter you search by the date the current state changed.  Build a search to show ageing approved pages that need an update?

What's new in 4.10

New Workflow Status Screen

The 4.10 release of Comala Workflows brings a page new workflow status screen. This expanded status screen provides users with a better insight about the current status, and who has already reviewed or approved it.

Searching by Workflow State - Confluence 5.9

With Comala Workflows 4.10 and Confluence 5.9 you can now search by workflow state from the general search screen and from macros that support Confluence Query Language filters like content by label.

What's new in 4.9

Multiple Workflow Labels

Workflows can now have multiple labels associated with them, allowing for more complex triggering conditions.  A new invertlabel parameter has also been added, so you can prevent a workflow from applying to a page with a given label as well. 

See the Workflow macro documentation for more details on these new parameters.

Reset State Expiry Date

A new trigger action has been added that allows you to change the expiry date of a state, but leave all other information (like approvals and assignees) in place.

This will make it easier to use the state expiry trigger to send reminders, but not require jumping to a new state to be reset back again.

See the documentation for the set-state-expiry macro for more information.


Space Parameter Editing Improvements

We've moved the space parameters to a new tab so they won't be confused with the space configuration settings.  As part of this change, the UI has been freshened up, which should improve the experience when there are many parameters that can be edited.




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