Legacy Workflows Documentation

Looks like you followed an old link. Comala Workflows is now Comala Document Management.

Please access our latest documentation here Welcome to Comala Document Management

Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows are available too.

(info) This space is no longer being updated.

Video Lessons

We have put together some short video lessons:

Other Resources

This guide helps users, administrators, and developers get the most from Comala Workflows.

  • Visit Work with Workflows to addremovechange a workflow state, view page versions, and understand workflow icons.
  • Visit Workflow Administrators' Guide to manage workflowsupgrade the plugin, set task modes and configure the Space.
  • Visit Understanding the Workflow Engine to learn what Comala Workflows is, how to define a workflow, basic workflow structure, using metadata, and limitations.
  • Visit Tutorials for videos and lessons to get the most out of Comala Workflows.
  • Visit Blueprints to add workflows to your blueprints.
  • Visit Reporting to generate powerful workflows reports.

Comala Workflows is powerful enough to help you achieve compliance, for example, with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11.

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