Legacy Workflows Documentation

Looks like you followed an old link.  We have revamped our Comala Workflows Documentation, check it out here: Welcome to Workflows

This space is no longer being updated.

Video Lessons

We have put together some short video lessons:

Other Resources

This guide helps users, administrators, and developers get the most from Comala Workflows.

  • Visit Work with Workflows to addremovechange a workflow state, view page versions, and understand workflow icons.
  • Visit Workflow Administrators' Guide to manage workflowsupgrade the plugin, set task modes and configure the Space.
  • Visit Understanding the Workflow Engine to learn what Comala Workflows is, how to define a workflow, basic workflow structure, using metadata, and limitations.
  • Visit Tutorials for videos and lessons to get the most out of Comala Workflows.
  • Visit Blueprints to add workflows to your blueprints.
  • Visit Reporting to generate powerful workflows reports.

Comala Workflows is powerful enough to help you achieve compliance, for example, with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11.

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