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Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows are available too.

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Using the workflow markup, you can edit the different types of workflows:

The workflow markup is a language based on tags called "macros". Those workflow macros are used to define key functionality of the workflow, such as states, tasks, and triggers



Want to try advanced features? Learn how to use the workflow markup through the tutorials!

To edit a workflow, just click on the edit button in the actions menu. This action opens the markup editor, where you can edit the corresponding workflow.

Global workflow templates

Global workflow templates are those workflows whose scope is Global i.e., they can be applied to any space in your wiki. Changes to these templates affect to all pages where we applied them, no matter the space they belong to.

Space workflows

Space workflows' scope is just a space. Changes in a space workflow affect to all pages that belong to the space where it is applied. A space workflow cannot be applied to a different space.

Page workflows

The scope of the page workflows is just individual pages, so changes are only reflected on that page. We recommend this type of workflows just for testing and learning purposes due to its limited scope. 


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