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Workflows can be added globally, at the space level, and to individual pages.

Global Workflows

  1. Go to the Confluence administration console
  2. Click the Workflows menu item.


  • You can create a new workflow template from scratch using the workflow markup.
  • You can copy or edit one of the built in templates.
  • You can import a workflow from the workflow exchange.

Space Workflows

  1. Click Space Tools.
  2. Select Workflows in the Space Tools navigation bar.


The add workflow wizard will let you pick from the existing global templates or start from scratch using the workflow markup.  When you add a global template by default it will be added with the global scope.  This means that any changes to the global workflow template will be reflected in the workflow at the space level.

If you want to make space specific changes you can copy a global template.  This will create a workflow with a space scope that can be edited in the space.  Any changes will only apply to the single space.

Space workflows will apply to all page and/or blog posts in the space.  You can also use the label param on the workflow macro to restrict a workflow to a subset of pages.

Multiple Space Workflows

 While multiple space workflows can be defined, a page will only be able to have the states from a single workflow.  Triggers from all applied workflows will fire however.


Page Workflows

Create Workflows from a Page


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