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An ad hoc workflow lets you create a workflow while you work. Each person editing the page or blog can decide which step comes next. When the work is complete, you can review and edit the activity stream in the workflow editor, then save the workflow as a template to use again.

Create an ad hoc workflow

To create your own workflow while you work:

  1. Add a page workflow to your page.
  2. Select Start with a blank workflow in the workflow template list.
  3. Enter state names, or begin with the two provided (In Progress, Approved). You can add state names as you work.
  4. Click Add.

Add a state

To add a state while you work:

  1. Click the workflow icon at the top of the page. The state details appear in the state window.
  2. Click Create a new state... from the list.
  3. Enter a new state name.
  4. Add an optional note, which will appear in the page activity.
  5. Click Accept. The new state appears at the top of the page.



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