Legacy Workflows Documentation

Looks like you followed an old link. Comala Workflows is now Comala Document Management.

Please access our latest documentation here Welcome to Comala Document Management

Documentation for other versions of Comala Workflows are available too.

(info) This space is no longer being updated.

You must be already familiar with developing Confluence apps to be able to use the Workflows API

1. Add the comalatech-public maven repository in your .m2/settings.xml:


2. Add a dependency to the Comala Workflows API in your pom.xml

From Comala Workflows 5.1.0 onwards, there will always be a corresponding API library with the same version available

The new Comala Workflows API library coordinates:

    <version>[replace with Comala Workflows version of your choice]</version>

Previous API library, now deprecated, dependency:


3. Import the required components

In your atlassian-plugin.xml:

<component-import name="Comala Workflows Services" key="workflowService"

<component-import name="Comala State Services" key="stateService"

<component-import name="Comala Tasks Services" key="taskService"

<component-import name="Comala Approvals Services" key="approvalService"

or if you are using atlassian spring scanner right inside your plugin component:

    private WorkflowService workflowService;
    private StateService stateService;
    private TaskService taskService;
    private ApprovalService approvalService;


The components will be injected in your plugin components

4. Use it!

You can now use the API Services, or handle Workflow events.

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