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Comala Workflows 4.12

April 26th 2016

Comala Workflows 4.12 is a feature and compatibility update release. 

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Install through the Universal Plugin Manager or download from Atlassian Marketplace and install Workflows by uploading the add-on jar in the Universal Plugin Manager.


ServiceRocket Reporting Add-on Compatibility Update

If you are using ServiceRocket's Reporting add-on, please note that Comala Workflows is now compatible with Reporting 6.0+  You will need to update from earlier versions of the  Reporting add-on at the same time as upgrading to Comala Workflows 4.12+

Comala Workflows - Reporting Integration Add-on No Longer Required

The functionality provided in the Comala Workflows - Reporting Integration add-on with the workflow-reporter macro is now provided within the Comala Workflows add-on.  You will need uninstall the Comala Workflows - Reporting Integration add-on before updating to Comala Workflows 4.12+

What's new?

New Approval Fields in the Default Confluence Search

This release adds new fields to for CQL searches on Approvals on Confluence 5.9 and above

  • Workflow Approval Assignee - for users that are assigned to an approval on a page
  • Workflow Approver - for users that have already responded to an approval on a page

You can find the related documentation in Searching in Comala Workflows.

Reporting Add-on Compatibility Update

This release updates the compatibility with the latest version of ServiceRocket's Reporting add-on.  Reporting version 6.0 and above is now required for compatibility with Comala Workflows 4.12.  ServiceRocket simplified the add-ons that Reporting depends on which changed how other add-ons can integrate with Reporting, requiring us to to make changes that don't work with earlier versions of Reporting.  For more information on the changes in Reporting 6.0+, please see the ServiceRocket knowledge base: What's new in Reporting 6.0

As a part of this update, we also made changes to include the workflow-reporter macro within the Comala Workflows add-on.  Using this macro with Reporting no longer requires the Comala Workflows - Reporting Integration add-on.  For clients that were previously using the workflow-reporter macro, you will need uninstall the Comala Workflows - Reporting Integration add-on before updating to this version of Comala Workflows.

This change also means that if you are using Scaffolding fields for value references in your workflows, Scaffolding version 8.0 and above is required for compatibility with Comala Workflows 4.12.




Workflow Activity Export

This release adds a link to export the workflow activity report on each page in a csv format.  This provides a convenient format for including a report of the workflow activity outside of Confluence for things like compliance audits.


State and Task Exact Date Expiration in Workflow markup

Previously when setting the duedate in the workflow markup, you could one use a date duration from the time a state was created.  We've now adding the ability to use exact dates within the workflow markup. 

This may not seem like it would have much value on its own, it would be pretty unlikely that you know the exact date you want a state to expire when setting up a workflow on a space.  But the due date value in the macro can also be a value reference. This now allows you to take the exact due date to set when a state is created from some other workflow parameter or page meta data.

Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • The set-message macro now accepts ISO8601 date durations, to match what is used when setting the state duedate parameter.
  • The workflow page status dialog now updates the state correctly in IE11
  • The Workflow Report macro now correctly defaults to 20 entries per page if the maximum parameter is not set.
  • Fixed a performance issue when we validate the attachment id changes in Confluence 5.7. This will make a small difference to most clients, but those with large Confluence instances and many attachments, you should notice an improvement.


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