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Use Comala Publishing for Confluence Cloud to optimize the way you publish your Confluence Cloud content

Comala Publishing for Cloud provides between-space publishing to allow you to keep your draft space page content separate from finished work in a public space

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Use Comala Publishing for Cloud

As a standalone publishing app or together with one of Comala Document Management Family of apps

Page editors can easily check the current publishing status for a page in the added publishing byline

Easily configure a space for publishing

Enable publishing from a draft space

Add a destination space for publishing

Standalone publishing

Simply and easily publish an individual page using the publishing byline and popup

Once published, the page publishing status is updated

Changes to the page in either the target or source space update the byline to Out of sync.

Choose the publishing byline in either space to open the publishing popup and view the source or published content.

Publish using a Comala workflow

This is how Comala Publishing cloud behaves by default when having any of our Comala Document Management Family of apps for Confluence Cloud also installed.

Documents will be published to the target space when they reach the final state.

Publish a page on a defined workflow event using a JSON trigger

In case you want your documents to be published under a different event or state change, in Comala Document Management for Cloud, you can customize your workflow by including a trigger as the example below

	{"event": "on-approve",
		{"state": "Review" }
    	{"action": "publish-page"}

What is published?

Using the app you can publish pages in a draft space to a chosen public space. Each published page will include the

content title

content body


content properties

content labels

In addition, links to local pages in the source space will be replaced with the links for the content in the destination space

Comala Publishing for Cloud does not support the publishing of blog posts


This guide covers features and functions that are available to Confluence Cloud users and space administrators.

To configure and manage publishing using Comala Publishing for Confluence Cloud a user must have at least view and edit permission in both the draft space and the published space

Comala Publishing Guide

Comala Document Management Family of apps

+ You can only use Comala Publishing to publish content in Comala Document Control or Comala Document Approval using the transition to the final worklow state. You can only customize the workflow to publish on another event if Comala Document Management is installed.