The {users-report} macro generates a report for matching users, showing the values of the chosen metadata attached to the user. For users, metadata can either be posted to a user's profile or to their personal space, and then reports generated.

For users with personal spaces, the metadata is fetched from the space, while for regular users the metadata is retrieved from their profile.

For example, every user in a company could be requested to attach personal metadata such as work phone, cell phone, location etc. A company directory can then be generated that includes all of this information.

An example of the use of this macro is in setting a root user space in a space hierarchy.



The list of fields (columns) as a comma separated list to be included in the report. This can include added metadata and internal metadata.


Limits the number of results


To retrieve the metadata from users with personal spaces and from regular users profiles (without personal spaces), choose Users Report macro in the Confluence macro browser:

The {users-report} can be configured to add internal metadata for each user as well as Comala Metadata App created space metadata from each user space.

The macro retrieves metadata for the report from any chosen metadata attached to the personal user space and then, if no personal space exists for the user, from the user profile:

  • only user admin has a personal user space.
  • two users listed have no personal space
  • space metadata has been added to the admin user personal space to record their location.

In an instance with a large number of users, this macro should be used with care.

Reference Markup

{users-report:User,Location,Email,Extension,Mobile Phone}

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