The {spaces-report} macro allows you to generate a report detailing multiple space metadata attached to the matching spaces.

Any metadata created with the Comala Metadata App {space-metadata} and the {space-metadata-list} macros can be displayed in the report. 

The macro will also retrieve values for any Confluence internal space metadata, such as Space alongside metadata created with the Comala Metadata App.



The list of fields (columns) to be included in the report. This can include added metadata and internal metadata.

Specifies which column in the report should be sorted by.

You can also include a hint for the sort method before the sort direction. For instance "Name as istring asc" or "Name as istring" will apply a case-insensitive comparison, considering values as string.

Other choices include

  • "as date"
  • "as number"
  • "as string" (case-sensitive)

Default is case-insensitive comparison.


Specifies the maximum number of results in a report. Default is 500.


To retrieve multiple metadata values from spaces in the instance, choose the  Spaces Metadata Report macro from the Confluence macro browser:

The macro editor allows you to configure the macro before you Insert the macro to the page. At least one metadata name is required. 

For any space with none of the metadata the report will display empty rows.

If required, simply sort on an appropriate column and set maxResults to only show only the spaces with a value for the attached space metadata. Be aware that null values in the report may indicate that there is no metadata name attached, rather than a null value for the metadata value for the space.

In the example, three spaces have space metadata attached - with the results sorted on one column and results restricted.

No content can be added to the macro placeholder. The report displays the spaces metadata and their values in a tabular format.

  • the name of the space is displayed using the Spaceinternal metadata.
  • Galaxy Base, G-Type and Lead Commander are all space metadata created using the Comala Metadata App
  • the table column order depends on the order of the fields entered using the macro editor. 

Reference Markup

{spaces-report:Space,Owner,Purpose,Galaxy Base, Lead Commander, Last Time Changed|sort=Owner desc|maxResults=4}

In our example this would display the following report:

The sort and maxResults have been chosen so only spaces with the added space metadata Owner, Purpose, Galaxy Base and Lead Commander are shown on the page with the internal metadata Space and Last Time Changed.

Usage with the Comala Document Management app

The {spaces-report} macro is supported by the Comala Document Management app and will work at workflow level.


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