The {space-metadata-list} macro allows the user to attach multiple pieces of metadata to a space with one macro (see the metadata-list macro for the equivalent functionality for pages).


unnamed first parameter(s)

No parameter is required. The metadata names and values are added to the body of the macro.
  • true – metadata value is not displayed on current page
  • false – metadata value is displayed on current page

Note that this option to hide or display the metadata values affects only the page that contains the {space-metadata-list} macro. It does not affect any pages where the metadata is reused.

  • vertical – metadata values are displayed vertically
  • horizontal – metadata values are displayed horizontal


Clears the values for any metadata on the page on adding the macro to the page

  • true– any existing metadata values are removed
  • false – any existing metadata values are retained


To add multiple pieces of metadata to a space, choose the Space Metadata list macro in the Confluence macro browser:

The macro editor allows you to configure the macro.

The macro editor only includes the following options for the macro:

  • display metadata as a vertical or horizontal list
  • hide the metadata from being displayed on this page
  • clear any existing metadata values of the page before setting the new metadata and values

You must Insert the macro to add the metadata names and their values using the {space-metadata-list} macro placeholder:

The metadata name and value can be plain text or include simple wiki markup.

In the example above the metadata and their values are rendered in a table on the page:

Existing metadata values can be cleared on adding the macro to the page by checking the Clear value option in the macro editor.

Note - this macro is for setting metadata values for the space, not for listing existing metadata values.

Reference Markup

|| Location | Europe |
|| Division | EMEA|
|| Headquarters | Bilbao, Espagne|

For the space in which the page is located:

  • the metadata names are added as space metadata.
  • the metadata values are set as those in the body of the macro.

The default is to display the metadata and the values on the page in a tabular format.

Add clear=true to remove any existing space metadata on the page.

Usage with the Comala Document Management app

The {space-metadata-list} macro is partially supported by the Comala Document Management app.

          || Name | Comala Metadata Plugin |
          || Version | 3.5.x |
          || Product Versions | Confluence 6.x |
          || Author(s) | Captain Comala |

If the macro is used at workflow level in the Comala Document Management app do not use it together with the orientation parameter, for example {space-metadata-list|orientation=horizontalas this is unsupported and will cause an error.

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