A example of use of metadata is the creation of traffic lights that can be used for content based - with the traffic lights using emoticons as the metadata values. As the metadata value is stored as un-rendered markup, the reporting macros used to retrieve the metadata will render the markup on the pages they are used on.

To add the emoticons as values for the the space metadata value names for the traffic lights, use the {space-metadata-list} macro:

The values and the metadata value names are added to the space and displayed on the page where the macro has been added:

Each metadata value can be retrieved in the space (or in another space) by using the {space-metadata-from} macro:

The macro inserted above is used to retrieve the value of the Ideation metadata from the space with space key PEOP.

The macro placeholder displayed is:

On the page the metadata value is displayed.

The emoticon defined by the un-rendered value for the Ideation metadata.

Once defined the space metadata can be used in templates for pages, for example here adding the traffic metadata value names as choices from drop down menus.

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