A simple use is to add multiple versions the {metadata-matches} macro to populate a table, creating a dashboard of information from a group of pages.

In our example, there are individual pages for a project. Each project page has:

  •  an assigned project lead held as a metadata value. 
  •  the number of hours completed by the project lead for each month as metadata value.

Three initial {metadata-matches} macros are used:

  • the metadata value name for the macro is Project Lead.
  • the Project Lead values for each {metadata-matches} macro are AlanaHisbiscus and Cyclamen.


 Each individual macro would each display for the named project leader, the number of project pages where the Project Lead value matches their name.

A copy of each macro can be configured to add the metadata value-name for the calculation.

This would sum the values of the Feb Hours metadata on the matching pages where Alana is the value for Project Lead.

A copy of each of the macros with the value-name can be made for each project leader and the function option amended in the macro editor to show average

These can be added to a simple Confluence table:

The page display is a simple dashboard for the project lead hours for February:

Multiple versions of the {metadata-matches} macro can also be added to the Confluence chart macro to visualize and present the collated data from each report.

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