Comala Metadata is Data Center compatible

The Comala Metadata app allows a user to create and attach metadata to any page or space in Confluence.

Metadata values can be in a range of formats - allowing links and emoticons to be added.

The app can then be used to present this metadata on other pages, to generate customised reports and statistics for pages and spaces and to
provide metadata for use in templates, other macros and other apps including Comala Document Management

Add metadata to your pages

Create and add metadata to individual pages or page templates.
Easily reference snippets of data from one page on other pages.
Generate summary metadata tables and lists automatically.
Visualise metadata using Confluence macros such as the chart macro.
Present a metadata list on multiple pages but choose more or less detail as appropriate for each individual page.

Add metadata to your spaces

Add metadata to spaces either individually or as a group to manage your key information.
Generate reports for metadata across your instance spaces.
Create tabular reports and dashboards for your content.

Create hierarchical spaces using metadata

Confluence provides a flat space hierarchy - by using Comala Metadata you can visually group spaces without affecting the existing Confluence permission schemes.
Easily add a visualisation for your new space hierarchy with the space-hierarchy macro
Add space breadcrumbs 
to your pages, either individually or through global admin Layout options using the space-breadcrumbs macro.

Generate Metadata reports for users, blog posts and attachments

Add metadata to users profiles and personal spaces.
Generate reports for the metadata attached to users, blog posts and attachments.

Use Comala Metadata App with other apps

A number of Comala Metadata app macros work with Comala Document Management family of apps and is compatible with the ServiceRocket Reporting for Confluence app.
You can also use Comala Metadata with K15t Scroll Word Exporter and K15t Scroll PDF Exporter apps.