The Comala Metadata App installs the following new macros.

Comala Metadata macros supported by Comala Document Management Family of apps

Some macros are only partially supported - see individual macro for details

Comala Metadata macros for setting space hierarchies

Comala Metadata macros for users, blog and attachments reporting

Comala Metadata macros for statistical metadata reporting

Each of these Comala Metadata App macros can be added using the Confluence macro browser.

Any options for configuring each macro will be available in the macro editor.

The metadata value is added to the macro text box in the page.

Once added, the value will then be displayed in Preview in the macro editor.

In the example, simple wiki markup has been used to format the display of the metadata value as a filled table cell on the page.

The metadata value stored includes the wiki markup - report macros accessing this metadata value will render the wiki markup.

For example if you include the following syntax.

This will display the user @username for the user.