Adding a single piece of metadata to a space

To add a single piece of metadata to a space, choose the  SpaceMetadata (Metadata Plugin) macro in the Confluence macro browser:

space metadata plugin macro browser icon

Simply add your chosen metadata name to the macro editor e.g. Department. This metadata name will be case sensitive.

space metadata insert macro window

To add the value of the metadata, Insert the macro to the page and enter the metadata value into the metadata macro placeholder.

To see the display of the space metadata value on the current page, choose the macro placeholder Edit option.

The added space metadata value is now displayed in the macro editor Preview.

The space metadata macro body accepts both plain text and simple wiki markup for the value.

The metadata is stored as un-rendered wiki markup, so in this case the value "||Squadron Leader Comala|" is stored for the "Department" metadata. The wiki markup will create a filled cell of a table containing the text value of the metadata, "Department".

squadron leader comala metadata value displayed as filled table cell

Adding multiple pieces of metadata to a space

To add multiple pieces of metadata to a space, choose the Space Metadata list macro in the Confluence macro browser:

The macro editor allows you to configure the macro.

The macro editor only includes the following options for the macro:

  • display metadata as a vertical or horizontal list
  • hide the metadata from being displayed on this page
  • clear any existing metadata values of the page before setting the new metadata and values

You must Insert the macro to add the metadata names and their values using the {space-metadata-list} macro placeholder:

The metadata name and value can be plain text or include simple wiki markup.

In the example above the metadata and their values are rendered in a table on the page:

Existing metadata values can be cleared on adding the macro to the page by checking the Clear value option in the macro editor.

Note - this macro is for setting metadata values for the space, not for listing existing metadata values.

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