Defines a column as a text input.

The  list input macro is added to the checklist macro to define an input column for the list.

Edit the list input macro to add the name of the column heading.

The list input macro can be configured to store the input column list values either:

  • on the page listed in the row of the entered value.
  • on the current page of the checklist.

Each column value is stored as a metadata value (see storage parameter in the table below).

The default entry value is 20 characters maximum. 

The macro can be edited to allow the column values to be sorted by types using the Sorttype dropdown menu options.

The entry types for the data sorting can be set as

  • string (S)
  • integer (I)
  • date (D)
  • already sorted (A) prevents sorting the list on this input column

See also Example 4.

You can also choose to

  • set the column width (in pixels)
  • display column values as read-only

Checking the Readonly option is useful when the macro is added to other content, for example on a page used as an information dashboard, but you only want the column list values to be edited on other specific page(s) with the added macro. Note that the column values storage needs to be set to be on the row pages so the column metadata values are stored on, and therefore retrieved from, the row pages in the list.

The displayed content in the list cells can be set to use a specific CSS style sheet.

As you add pages within scope of the enclosing list macro (for example additional children), these are added to the macro output on the page. 

Any previous added values for the list-input macro columns are available as options to add to the new row.









The heading of the column

Input Character Width



The maximum number of characters read




Storage type determines where to store the value

  • use rows to store the values for this column into the pages representing each row (metadata value name is <Column Heading>)
  • use checklist to store the values into the page containing the checklist (metadata value name is <Column Heading>.<Space Key>:<Row page title>)

store=checklist not supported with Comala Boards




Type of value to be used to sort the table by this column. Values could be any of A: Already sorted; C: Currency; D: Date; F: Float; I: Integer; S: String



Width of the column

No default width




Whether or not the column is read-only

CSS class


The style sheet (CSS) class to use for the cells

Change in key format

When using storage=checklist (i.e. store the metadata values into the page containing the list-input macro) the metadata value name is

      <Column Heading>.<Space Key>:<Row page title>

This new format replaces the old

      <Column Heading>.<Row page title>
{list-input:cols=20|heading=Common pet names|store=rows}