This guide will show you all the existing macros that Comala Lists provides to create your checklist.

If you haven't started yet, we recommend you to read Getting Started with Comala Lists. For illustration purposes, we also include examples for all of them.

User Guide - Comala Lists macros

User Guide - Examples

A number of examples include the use of more than one macro within the body of the list macro to define columns in the displayed list.

Macro parameters and keywords

Within each list macro, you can use parameters to use as variables in your lists.

The parameter values can have any of the following keywords that will be replaced when rendering the page:




Current user's name


Current user's full name

@self@ or title

The title of the page owning the checklist


The page creator's user name


The last modifier's user name

@any other value name@

The given metadata value in the page owning the checklist