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Organize, categorize, and visualize your pages with configurable checklists

Comala Lists allows you to create your own checklists using labels, metadata, wiki content or page attributes

  • review, categorize and organize your pages
  • use your own metadata attributes in pages
  • look up page attributes such as creator, last modifier or modification

The Comala Lists app is a set of macros to generate list tables for a subset of pages (children of a given parent-page and/or filtered by a label).

The app provides a handy way to

For each page labels can be added, removed or updated by means of the pre-defined columns, values can be edited, and text segments can be added.

Construct to-do lists

Create sophisticated checklists for requirements review, projects tracking, or "to do" lists.

Manage the quality of your pages, stages of your projects, or acceptance testing and requirements.

Comala List can be used to manage your own document workflow using content labels to identify the process stages. 

Create a checklist of pages to easily manage labels, and keep your content organized

Easily create metadata and add values for your list pages

Add text boxes and define your own page attributes as metadata.

Use the list input macro to set the metadata name as the column heading. The values can be set as text, labels or limited to users who are members of a Confluence user group.

You can use the list metadata macro to retrieve and display the values as read-only.

Main Features

Here is a brief description of the main features of Comala Lists


The column values are labels that are added, removed or updated on their corresponding page.

Metadata Attributes

Attributes are stored as page metadata, so they can be accessed directly using the add-on (in the columns or directly in the page with the provided macros) or through the Metadata plugin.


The macro checks the permissions to ensure that the user is allowed to see the content and modify it.

Change log

All the changes made through the checklist are logged and the history can be accessed through a macro.
Wiki segmentsWiki segments can be defined so they get rendered for each of the checklist's pages, allowing use by other plugins to produce powerful reporting.