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Latest Release

Confluence 5.0+2.5 Release Notes
Confluence 4.3+1.7.3 Release Notes

What's new in 2.5

Confluence 7.0 compatibility

  • Comala Checklists 2.5 is now compatible with the new Confluence 7.0 version.

What's new in 2.4

Data Center compatibility

Checklists 2.4 has been updated to support Confluence Data Center.

As part of this update Data Centre read only mode is now also supported.

To make sure that users can not add checklists to their pages that will disproportionately use system resources a built hard limit of 1000 pages per checklist has also been added for both data centre and server releases.

What's new in 2.3

Comala Checklists 2.3

Updates and Bug fixed


What's new in 2.2

Comala Checklists 2.2

Updates and Bug fixed

  • Added compatibility with Confluence 6.3
  • Fixed issue with formatting lost in wiki inputs
  • Fixed issue with column sorting 
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


What's new in 2.1


Retrieve pages from other spaces

Comala Checklists will now retrieve pages from other spaces.



The resulting list will be:


What's new in 2.0

Comala Checklists 2.0 is now a paid upgrade to the Checklists Macros add-on. By making this a commercial product, we will be able to better maintain compatibility with each new release of Confluence, address long-standing issues, and add new features that have been in high demand from our users. We will also be able to dedicate full support according to Comalatech's SLA, and keep the documentation up to date with all the latest changes.

This release also introduces numerous changes and improvements to the user interface, along with a handful of bug fixes.

New Add-on Name

We want to introduce you Comala Checklists for Confluence Server. A new name and new logo for a new user interface.

User Interface Updates

In this release, we have revamped our entire user interface with new tables, icons, input fields, text areas and drop down elements.