The Tasks Canvas Blueprint lets you visually manage a team's project tasks. You can list, assign, and move tasks around containers when the task's status changes.

Add the Tasks Canvas to a page

To add a Tasks Canvas to your page:

  1. Open the Tasks Canvas wizard in one of these ways:

    Via Confluence Blueprints Create button:

    Via the Ad hoc Canvas macro:

  2. Enter your team member names in the Tasks Canvas wizard window.

  3. Click Insert. The Tasks Canvas is added to your page.

Working with the Tasks Canvas

You can add cards and pages or add existing pages to team members' containers. Then, drag cards and pages into containers that match the state of the task.

Edit the Tasks Canvas

You can edit the Tasks Canvas properties—change colour, add descriptions, labels, etc.— in the same way as any other board. 

Change a user name

To change a user name on a Tasks Canvas:

  1. Open the Design tab in the board editor.
  2. Click the container properties pencil on the first container in the row you want to re-name.

  3. Replace the existing user name with your new name keeping the @ sign in front of it.
  4. Click Accept.
  5. Repeat this for each user name instance in each container in the row.
  6. Save the board.

Add a new team member

To add a new team member to the Tasks Canvas:

  1. Open the Design tab in the board editor.
  2. Click + to add a new row to the board.

  3. Click + to add a container.
  4. Enter the following properties:
    1. Header = Inbox
    2. Container name = @username
    3. Label = inbox,@username

  5. Click Accept.
  6. Add a column.
  7. Add a container.
  8. Enter the following properties.
    1. Header = space
    2. Container name = @username
    3. Label = todo,@username
  9. Click Accept.
  10. Repeat to add more containers to the row.
  11. Save.