This documentation relates to the 1.12 release of Canvas for Confluence Server

Documentation for the current Canvas for Confluence Server version is here.

Organize and manage your content with Comala Canvas.

Watch this introductory video to see how you can use Comala Canvas boards and lists to visually create and manage your pages, projects, and tasks.

Canvas Boards 

Boards are a fast and effective way for you to brainstorm and visualize your content and ideas.

Canvas Lists

A list presents page properties in a table format.

  • Categorize, manage and review your pages and labels.
  • Work with lists to build requirements, manage labels and apply checklists to your Confluence pages. 
  • Insert existing lists, like the Content Quality Checklist or Requirements List.
  • Create your own lists and customized checklists.  


Watch this video to see how you can get started with boards.


Watch this video to see how you can get started with lists.