The {workflowparameter} macro allows you to create editable Value References.

This incredibly useful feature allows you to create configurable, portable workflows that can be used across spaces. Each space then has the option to use the default value set in the workflow or to use a custom value specified for that space only.

Where can values be edited?

Depending on the parameter

For a workflow parameter to be added to the space tools Parameters tab, a default value must have been added to the workflow.

If the workflow parameter is editable, a user will be prompted to add or confirm the workflow parameter value(s) when adding the workflow to content.

(warning) A value for the workflow parameter added by the user in the workflow set up dialog box may only be available for use by the workflow after a transition occurs from this initial state.

(info) When adding a space workflow, a parameter reference value may only be available for use by the workflow after a workflow process, such as a transition, occurs. For example, the initial state should not include the use of the parameter reference value for a duedate or pre-assigned reviewers for approvals to avoid blocking your workflow. Alternatively, a space admin can choose to Initialize states when applying a space workflow. This will process the pages and the workflow parameter value will be available for use by the workflow in the initial state.

Where to use it?


One or more {workflowparameter} macro can be put in a {workflow} macro.

Must be placed before the {state} macro(s).

Workflow builder can be used to add one or more workflow parameters to a workflow.



unnamed first parameter
or name


Name of the parameter.


macro body


The default value for the parameter


The description for the parameter

  • plain text
  • can use any character set supported by your Confluence server – except some reserved characters




Should this parameter be editable at the page or blog post level?

Tip: If set to true, the value of the parameter can be used as a normal Value Reference and can be accessed via the {get-metadata} macro.

edit=true can also be required to be set upon transition to a state by setting them in the requiredparams list for that state.

There is no content with the specified labels




Parameter type

  • string – text
    • Usually plain text, but can contain wiki notation depending on where the parameter value will be used
  • user – a single username or comma separated list of usernames
  • duration – an ISO 8601 duration
  • group – a single Confluence group or comma separated list of group names
  • list – a list of values to choose from – see: options parameter below


(info) Required if the parameter type is list.

List options

There is no content with the specified labels



The following Events are generated when page-level parameters are updated

  • pageparameterupdate


When the following workflow is first added to a space or page in a space, then a space admin can edit the value via Parameters - Space Tools.

  • the workflow parameters type=group and type=users can be used to define different users when adding the workflow to content
  • this can allow a workflow to be used across multiple spaces by different teams without having to change the workflow

A new value for the parameter added to the Parameters dashboard will be used when the workflow is added to the content.

   {workflowparameter:Review Group|type=group}
	  {approval:Review|group=@Review Group@} 

(info) A default value needs to be added to the body of the workflow parameter for the parameter value to be editable in the space tools Parameters dashboard.

(warning) Editing the parameter value in the Parameters dashboard will not change the value used in a workflow that has already been added and applied to content in the space.

Adding edit=true allows end-users to edit the value at the page or blog post level, both in Page Mode and Space Mode.

	{workflowparameter:Review Group|type=group|edit=true}
	  {approval:Review|group=@Review Group@} 

Both group and user type workflow parameters, accept comma-separated lists. These lists can be then used in approval conditions.

   {workflowparameter:Review Groups|type=group}
	  {approval:Review|group=@Review Groups@} 

For a type=list workflow parameter, the list options are added using the list parameter.

{workflowparameter:OpDivision|description=Business Operating Division|type=list|options=hr,dev,marketing,finance,global}

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