Looking for the Comala Document Management report macro? See workflow-report macro and Reporting Guide.


The {workflow-reporter} macro is used to generate a collection of Pages and News (blog posts) objects to use with the ServiceRocket Reporting for Confluence app version 6.0 or above.

Using the Reporting add-on is an alternative to using the {workflowreport} macro; it allows you to create more advanced and customisable reports using ServiceRocket's reporting framework.

Where to use it?


This is an optimised alternative to the content-reporter which provides access to workflow-related information.

The workflow-related information can be accessed through the {report-info} macro by using the Workflow Supplier.

For further documentation, please see: ServiceRocket Reporting documentation








Which spaces should be included in the report?

  • @self – current space
  • @all – all spaces
  • Or specify a comma-separated list of space keys for a collection of spaces


Should the report be filtered by content label(s)?

  • Leave empty to include all pages and blog posts
  • Specify one label name to filter to a specific label
  • List multiple label names, separated by commas, to filter to content with any of those labels

If using a list of labels, you can prefix the list with & (ampersand) to require that content has all the labels.


A comma-separated list of CQL filters in the form FieldName:Value – the values must be indexed.


Should the report be filtered to specific state(s)?

  • Leave empty to report on all states
  • Specify one state name to report on that state
  • List multiple state names, separated by commas, to report on specific states



Maximum number of entries in the report



The sort order:

  • + for ascending, A→Z
  • - for descending, Z→A

And the sort field:

  • modified – the most recent date on which the content was modified
  • created – the date on which content was created
  • pagestate – the current workflow state of the content
  • statechanged – the date on which the state most recently changed
  • statechangedby – user who most recently changed the state


The Reporting app report below will generate a report similar to the states report of the {workflowreport} macro:


 {report-column:title=Last Updated By}{report-info:content:modifier>name|link=true}{report-column}
 {report-column:title=Updated}{report-info:content:modification date}{report-column}
 {report-column:title=State changed on}{report-info:workflow:state>date}{report-column}
 {report-column:title=State changed by}{report-info:workflow:state>user>name|link=true}{report-column}

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