The {publish-page} macro is used as an Action to publish content to a different space on the same Confluence Server or Data Center instance.

  • One space is set up as the source, where content is produced
  • Another space is set up as the destination, where content is published to

For more information, see: Different-space publishing


You must install the Comala Publishing app in order to use this macro.

Where to use it?


One {publish-page} macro can be put in a {trigger} macro.

(info) If using the Comala Publishing {publish-page} macro to publish content with metadata references to a different space, the {publish-page} macro action and the metadata modification macro action need to be in separate triggers to ensure the metadata is updated on the published space page. For more information, see Different-space publishing.


The macro has no parameters, it uses the publishing profile defined in Space Tools. For more information, see Different-space publishing.

Basic example

{workflow:name=Different-space publishing}

Note: The final=true parameter on the Published state is not required for different-space publishing, however it helps to clarify which versions of content are published in the source space.

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