The {pdf-export} macro is used as an Action to export a page or blog post in PDF format and adds the pdf to the page as an attachment.

A parameter can be added to specify a PDF template to be used for the export. This parameter value will be a K15t Template Name or K15t Template ID value sourced from the K15t Scroll PDF Exporter app template information.

For more information, see: Integration Guides > Content Integrations > K15t Scroll PDF Exporter App


You must install the K15t Scroll PDF Exporter app in order to use this macro. 

If the K15t Scroll PDF Exporter app is disabled or not installed, then the macro is ignored.

If you wish to export only content that is in a Comala workflow final state then you must install the Comala Document Management for Scroll Exporter app (it is free but it can only be installed after K15t Scroll PDF Exporter and Comala Document Management have been installed).

Note that the {pdf-export} macro is only supported if used with Scroll PDF Exporter 4.10.11 or higher

Where to use it?


The {pdf-export} macro can be put in a {trigger} macro.









If the template parameter is not specified, the bundled 'Documentation' template is used.

Value can be one of:

  • Template Name
  • Template ID

K15t recommend this parameter value to be added as the template id. The template ID is found in the K15t Scroll PDF Exporter dashboard.

If the specified template is not recognized, the exported pdf will use the bundled 'Documentation' template (default template).

Note that use of the template parameter in the {pdf-export} macro is only available with Comala Document Management 6.13 or higher.

Setting a template to use for export

To specify a template, use the template name in the {pdf-export} macro as shown.


K15t recommend the use of the template ID.

You can find the value of the template ID by accessing the K15t Scroll PDF Exporter dashboard

  • Space Tools > Apps > Scroll PDF Exporter

  • Global Admin > Scroll PDF Exporter > Templates

  • find the template you want to use (or create a new template)

  • choose Template Information from the template ellipsis dropdown menu

  • copy template ID from the K15t app popup template information

  • add to the {pdf-export} macro in the workflow trigger macro

If you have created or downloaded a new pdf template in the K15t PDF Exporter app the template id will be a slightly different format to the K15t app supplied templates.

Copy the hexadecimal template id from the Template Information.

Paste the template id into the pdf-export macro in the trigger.


Basic example

{workflow:name=Export PDF on Approval}

The statechanged event for the transition to the Approved state will add a pdf export of the current content as a file attachment to the current page. If no template name of id is specified the K15t PDF Exporter app uses the default template.

  • each occurrence adds a further pdf export attachment

The exported pdf filename by default is generated as

  • the content filename
  • the Confluence content version at the time of the export
  • and the date and time of the export.

The K15t admin can change the export filename structure.

If the K15t app is unable to recognize a template id or name

  • the pdf export will still occur but the default template will be used
  • an on-screen message will confirm the use of the default pdf export template


The following Events are associated with pdf-export

  • pdf-export-success
  • pdf-export-error


	pdf export successfully completed
	pdf export failed. @errormessage@

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