DEPRECATED This macro was deprecated in v6.13 and is no longer used.

The macro may be removed from Comala Document Management in a future release.

If you have content that used the macro please update it to remove the macro.

Please use pageheader or pagefooter macro if content is required at the beginning or end of content on a page



The {include-segment} macro is used to insert wiki content directly in to a page or blog post.

The added content is inserted before existing content. If the page is using sections will appear above the sections.

Note: The insertion does not create a new version of the content, the existing version is directly edited.

Where to use it?


One {include-segment} can be put in a {trigger} macro.


macro body

Content to insert at the top of the page or blog post:

Basic example

{workflow:name=Include segment}
   {state:In progress}

All examples

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