The {document-stats-report} macro is used to create a simple report on the current number of individual pieces of content in each workflow state.

Where to use it?


One or more {document-stats-report} macros can be used in wiki pages, blog posts, and, in some cases, comments - see Reporting Guide > Reporting Macros > Document Stats Report Macro

It can also be used in any macro which supports wiki content in its Macro body (check relevant macro documentation for details).

It is compatible with the Confluence chart macro.










Report on content with at least one of the listed labels Content must be a child page of the specified parent page or a child page of the specified space(s) home page

  • one or more labels added as a comma-separated list
  • default (blank) is content with any label
  • adding one or more labels will report on content with any of the added labels
  • add the &(and ampersand) before the first label value to require content to have all the labels listed


Report on child page content of a specified page

  • single parent page title
  • default (blank) parent page is the current space homepage
  • if left blank and a single space key is listed then the report defaults to the child pages of the specified space home page
  • use @self for child pages of the current page


Report on child pages of space home page

  • single space or comma-separated list of spaces identified by spacekey
  • default (blank) is the current space

If a parent page is specified you cannot list multiple space keys. The report will default to the child pages of the added parent page.


Reports on the count of content in a workflow state that is a child page of the specified parent page or the listed space(s) home page.

  • comma-separated list of state names
  • default (blank) is content in any state

Report will display the states and the count for each state in the order the states are added to the macro (from v6.16.4+)


The count of content in a workflow state for a named workflow or workflows (in the scope of the macro parameters is listed).

  • comma-separated list of workflow titles
  • default (blank) is content in any state of ALL workflows in the space

(info)  You can only specify space workflow names. There is no option to specify a page workflow name.

If no workflow title value is added the content count for all states for all workflows in the current space is reported including content where the workflow has been removed but the workflow history has been retained.

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