The {approve-page} macro is used to instantly approve a specific approval.

Where to use it?


One or more {approve-page} macros can be put in a {trigger} macro.



unnamed first parameter


Name of the approval to approve.

Only applies if there is an active approval of that name.


Approval comment:

  • Plain text
  • Can use any character set supported by your Confluence server – except some reserved characters.


OBSOLETE This parameter is no longer available and should not be used.

The requirement for credentials is now defined for each approval. The method of credentials is configured at the global level.

in 5.0.8


The following Events are associated with approvals:

  • newsapproved
  • pageapproved


{workflow:name=Approve Page}
   {state:Editing|submit=Content Review}
   {state:Content Review|approved=Published|rejected=Editing}
   {trigger:statechanged|state=Content Review}
      {approve-page:Review|comment=Instant approval}

The trigger action will cause the workflow to transition using the approve-page macro.

  • the transition will be  approved=Published.
  • the page activity will display the transition to the Content Review state and the immediate transition to the Published state.

It is useful to include a comment in the approve-page macro. This will be displayed in the page activity report.

Events with anonymous users

The approve-page macro will not work with events that are ascribed by the workflow to an anonymous user. For example the stateexpired event.

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