This is the first release of Comala Document Management 6.5, formerly Comala Workflows. 


The new name better describes the scope and use of the app. While workflows will continue to play an important role, Comala Document Management offers much more than just approval workflows. Teams are not only using our app to add approvals, they’re using it to completely manage their documents. Comala Document Management tells a much more complete story about what our apps can do.

Read Confirmation

This release introduces improvements to our existing Read Confirmations feature:

  • A workflow can now have no states and just the read-ack macro.
  • New users can be added to the list of users already assigned a read confirmation.
  • Send New Request button was added. This action will send a reminder when the page has been updated after being already confirmed.

Manual upgrade of Read Confirmation data

For existing users of Read Confirmation a manual step will be required when upgrading to Comala Document Management 6.5. Please see the upgrade instructions here: Upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5