New Document States Report Macro

Introducing the first of our new report macros - Document States Report Macro. Configure and display a report of the pages with workflows in your space, or your entire Instance.

The report provides the same capabilities as the existing Workflow Report macro with a new look and feel. Additionally, the Document States Report macro

  • has improved configuration and filtering
  • provides a user the option to choose which columns to display, and the order to display them in

The macro has improved performance compared to the workflow report macro and resolves some issues users have previously experienced with the existing Workflow Report macro

Your existing workflow report macros will not be affected by this change. You can choose when to use the new macro. 

Comala Document Management Migration Assessment

Exploring migration to Confluence Cloud? Access your Comala Document Management usage data in the new Comala Document Management Migration Assessment.

To discuss your cloud options with a member of our migration team, please open a support ticket at It is very helpful to include the usage data, so we can understand how you currently use Comala Document Management.

The collection and storage of usage data for the migration assessment can be disabled in Comala Document Management - Global Configuration