Confirm Reading Approved Content

You can now use the final state in your workflow to start a Read Confirmation process. Use it to assign users to read the approved page, and get an acknowledgement from users that have read it. 

Built on the same dependable, familiar functionality of Comala Workflows, Read Confirmation helps teams keep track of who has been assigned to read documents, and who has acknowledged that they have read them. The confirmation can be assigned to multiple individual users or an entire group of users. It is integrated with the approved page workflow functionality, so people can confirm reading the existing approved version of a page while new edits are taking place. Once a new approved version is created, the Read Confirmation process will be restarted. 

New Space Workflow Report

The space level workflow report received a makeover in this release. We have completely rebuilt the front end to allow selectable columns, and the backend to improve performance and to allow for future integration extensibility.