Screen Location: Confluence Administration → Comala Document Management section → Global Workflow Templates


This screen allows Confluence Administrators to manage Comala Document Management workflow templates available in the instance.

Workflow dashboard table

The global workflow templates table lists all of the workflow templates added to the instance.

These can be made active or disabled for the instance by the Confluence Admin. 

Active and disabled global workflow templates


Green tick - workflow template is enabled.

A workflow template enabled in the global workflow templates dashboard:

  • will be listed on the page workflow templates dashboard.
  • will be available to add to the space workflows document management dashboard as a global scope workflow or a space scope workflow.

Grey cross - workflow template is disabled.

A workflow template disabled in the global workflow templates dashboard:

  • will NOT be listed on the page workflow templates dashboard.
  • will NOT be available to add to the space workflows document management dashboard in any space.

Disabling a workflow in the global workflow templates dashboard will not disable the linked global scope workflow in a space.

Deleting a workflow in the global workflow templates dashboard

  • will remove the linked (global scope) workflow in a space
  • will NOT delete any copy (space scope) of the workflow in a space

Workflow content label

If a workflow is labeled (see label parameter on {workflow} macro), a label lozenge will be shown after the workflow title.

The label will filter the application of the workflow to content with the label.

Spaces linked to the global workflow template

The Linked column provides details of how many spaces are using the workflow.

If a single space is using the workflow (global scope in the space workflows document management dashboard) the space key will be displayed as a hyperlink to the space workflows dashboard in the space using the workflow.

If there is more than one linked space, choose the number shown to display a list of the associated spaces.

Linked spaces can be:

  • where a global workflow template has been added as a global scope workflow.
  • where a global workflow template is linked to the space category. 

Space Categories

The Space Categories column allows you to link a workflow to one or more space categories. 

When creating a new space, workflows can be added to a space based on the space category. When a new space is created with a category you still must use the link feature to link the workflow to the space category.

Workflows can be linked to existing spaces using space categories by:

  • adding one or more space categories to the workflow list entry in the global workflow templates dashboard.
  • choosing Link workflow... in the action menu to link the workflow to the space category

Link workflow... is only active if the global workflow template has a space category added.

A global workflow template can be linked to more than one space category.

Actions menu

The Actions column provides options for interacting with the workflow itself.

  • Edit allows editing of the workflow and opens workflow builder and the markup editor (for help with editing workflows, see Workflow Authoring Guide).
  • Copy makes a new, deactivated copy of the workflow.
  • Remove deletes the global workflow, also deleting it from any Linked spaces.
  • Link workflow... links the workflow to space categories. Only active if Space Categories has at least one space category added. Any linked spaces will be displayed in the Link column.

Create a new workflow

The + Create Workflow button allows you to create a completely new workflow from scratch using the workflow builder or the markup editor.

Note: A flowchart of the workflow hierarchy can be found on the main page of the Administration Guides.

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