Some workflows will require additional Workflow setup before they start.

You'll see a message like this in the workflow popup, asking you to set Parameters:

If the parameters of the workflow are altered after you have set them, you may see this screen again.

Setting parameters

Choose the Parameters button to open the Workflow parameters screen:

Here we workflow parameters to set up that require the entry of different value types

  •  a text string
  • one or more user names
  • one or more group names
  • a time period duration or fixed date
  • one of the pre-set options from a dropdown menu

The values may be pre-populated by the workflow. 

Once you've finished editing parameters, click the Save button and the workflow will be active in its initial state.

Editing parameters

Once you've saved the parameters, the Workflow Popup will return to normal – showing information about the current state, etc.

However, if you made a mistake or need to make changes, you can edit the existing parameters.

Choose thebutton at the top of the screen (above the page title) to display a summary of the current workflow.

Choose the Edit parameters button to take you back into the Workflow parameters screen where you can make any required changes.

The value for the workflow parameter added by the user through the Workflow set up dialog box may only be available for use by the workflow after a transition occurs from this initial state.

When adding a space workflow, a parameter reference value may only be available for use by the workflow after a workflow process, such as a transition, occurs. For example, the initial state should not include the use of the parameter reference value for a due date or pre-assigned reviewers for approvals to avoid blocking your workflow. Alternatively, you can choose to Initialize states when applying a space workflow.

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