The workflow panel displays the workflow name, workflow description, state names and workflow components present in the workflow including workflow parameters, read confirmation and page layout.

You can add and edit each component of the workflow by choosing its name or the relevant +Add option or the buttons in the navigator panel.

Editing the Workflow

The workflow name, description, and type of workflow template (page, space, global) are displayed.

Any content labels added to filter the application of the workflow to content will also be shown.

Choose the workflow name to open the workflow editor.

Options in the workflow editor include the following:

  • edit the workflow name
  • workflow description
  • configure the content filter
  • set visibility of the workflow popup progress tracker
  • add a trigger

Workflow states

States in the workflow are listed in the order viewed in the markup.

States are appended with

To edit an existing state choose its name to open the state editor.

Add a state

Choose +Add State to add a new state to the workflow.  

States can be dragged and dropped to change their position in the workflow.

Workflow components

Choosing any of the workflow listed components will open an editor for the workflow component

  • page layout
  • workflow parameters
  • read confirmation

Choosing Rules will display the event and action for any triggers added to the workflow.

Read confirmation

Read confirmation for the final state can be enabled/disabled.

Choose Read Confirmation to open the read confirmation editor.

The editor includes the option to allow the reviewer to decide if read confirmations should be assigned.

Page Layout options

Choosing Page Layout displays the option to add or edit each of the following:

  • a page header for the content. The visibility of the page footer can be set based on the user's permission
  • a page footer for the content. The visibility of the page header can be set based on the user's permission
  • workflow instructions to be displayed as an on-screen message notification for users. The content can be text and/or wiki markup.


If present in the workflow, any triggers will be listed as a Rule.

Choosing Rules will display a summary of the event and action for each trigger.

Triggers are added as markup to the Edit workflow panel.

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